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Happy New Year!

We have only been closed for a few months but it seems like a long time. We miss everyone! As we start 2023, we look back to 2022 and feel so grateful for your support and encouragement this past year. We feel we are making a real connection in the community both with our food and becoming a meeting place for friends and family. So as a result we are thinking about how we can make our cafe even better when we reopen. Do you have a wish list for us? Email any thoughts to

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We are back!

Getting ready to interview some amazing people who stepped up to keep the cafe going. After I have a sandwich crew, I will announce an opening date. We do have to go back to Virginia for a granddaught

Last Week of the Season!

It has happened! This is our last week for our summer season! Please come by to fill up on your favorite sandwich and meet your friends for that last Caprese . This is also our last week to try to sh


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