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Last Week of the Season!

It has happened! This is our last week for our summer season!

Please come by to fill up on your favorite sandwich and meet your friends for that last Caprese . This is also our last week to try to show the bridge closing did not affect our income if we can bump it up a bit!

Give us your suggestions for next year, though I know what they are: breakfast!! So, we can do breakfast if I can find two-four people who want to rotate on a breakfast team. No cooking, just being there from 8am-noon to take and fill breakfast orders, Wed-Sat, even just one day! This is the reality to get any expansion of the menu.

Also, we are on the wait list for a maple creamie machine for next Spring.

We are also finishing off the wonderful Wilcox ice cream.

Hope to see you this week, Wed-Sat, 11am-2pm!

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Due to a family event, we need to close our ice cream window this Sunday, August 20th! Ice cream still available during cafe hours and Friday and Saturday 2-8 pm.

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