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Your Ice Cream Experience Starts this Sunday!

Ice cream is here!

We are ready to start scooping for you this Sunday, June 16th 2-8 pm. Bring your Dad and he gets free chocolate or rainbow sprinkles for his special Father’s Day.

Do you know our ice cream is very different from others? Wilcox Company is located in Arlington, VT, and has been making ice cream for 4 generations. Using Vermont milk and mixing the flavors with natural ingredients, not to mention the 16% butterfat (Lipitor approved), it is not just eating a cone, it is an artisanal experience. No over sugary, artificial ingredients. We even have two plant based ice creams, black raspberry or maple cream.

After Sunday, we will be serving ice cream during regular cafe hours, and extended hours 2-8 pm Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Watch the weather, if raining or a certainty of rain we will close the ice cream window for the 2-8 pm hours. Cafe hours are always the same!

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Hi, I tried a couple times to contact you folks and I am probably too late but here goes again. I worked for Chef Martin Murphy at at Ariana's Restaurant even when he was at the Buten Farm before he went to the Lyme Inn. I cannot work the usual working hours at a restaurant anymore cause I have a condition in my feet the docs don't know what causes it so cannot fix it. I see your hours are short so I figure it would be a good fit. I am not 21 anymore but still have the passion of cooking good food for folks to make them happy. My phone number is 802-522-3240 and I would consi…

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